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All Access Garage Doors is licensed, bonded, and insured. We provide the necessary permits needed to perform all garage door repairs and garage door installations. We also use the best brands and products to ensure high quality and reliable work that you can trust. We take great pride in hiring trained full time employees who provide you with professional and courteous service. We will repair all types of garage doors, fix any mechanical difficulties, repair any garage door opener, put your garage door back on track or replace your springs.

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All Access Garage Door Installation and Repair

all access garage door repair, installation, and service must be at the top level when there are so many other better ways to spend your time than worrying about your garage door and garage opener. The security of your vehicle and the possessions in your garage, as well as, your home or business, are the top priorities at our All Access garage door repair company. We swiftly and easily step in to provide you with outstanding affordable service delivered by professional garage door contractors who understand the importance of your comfort, safety and security. We have been the number one San Diego garage door repair, installation and service company for our customers and we want to be that company for you!

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For an effortless, efficient, and dependable garage door system, you can rely on our trustworthy professional garage contractors to deliver superior services that are backed by a labor warranty. In fact, we are fully stocked to provide you with high quality hardware for the repair of all of your garage door needs at a moment’s notice, such as broken springs and electronic difficulties.   We have extensive experience with a wide variety of garage door and opener brands, accessories and security systems to provide you with quick response time and outstanding customer service. For many years, we have spent every one of working hours on garage door repair, installation and service so we are confident that we can fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations!

We want you to be part of the testimony for our great services as we are sure you will witness firsthand the benefits of our friendly, professional service, quick response time and high quality products.


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Berkeley Garage Door Repair

Berkeley Garage Door Installation and Repair

Berkeley Garage Door Repair, installation, and service are the provisions from our company that have produced our track record of success for many years. We are definitely the top choice for our Berkeley customers and we want to be the top choice for you! Having the knowledge of the various types of garage doors, garage door openers, hardware, sensor technology, and back up fail safe security are just a few of the areas we are highly skilled in. Ensuring a smooth running door and opener with reliability, safety and security is the highly advantageous area of our licensed garage door contractors.    This Berkeley garage door repair company is expert in garage door repairs, service and installation!

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Garage Door Broken Spring Berkeley CA

Whether you have a Millennium, Lifemaster, Wayne Dalton, Genie, Windsor, Stanley,  Amarr, Chamberlin or any other type of garage door, we are happy to step up to the plate to assist! Whether you have a jack shaft opener, belt drive opener, or screw drive opener, we will be at your beckon call to take the tackle out of your life so you can feel safe and secure! In fact, we offer a warranty so you can be assured to entrust your garage door needs to us!   We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Garage Door Installation Berkeley

Garage door installation and repair at our company is expert- comprised of garage door contractors who provide fast, efficient and courteous service!  We take pride in our delivery of exceptional service, founded upon our many years of technical training and expertise. We have an eye for identifying problems and know to how troubleshoot to develop timely wise solutions. We meet the highest standards for superior quality and serve to exceed our customer’s expectations.  The best in San Diego garage door services, anytime, anywhere, is our commitment to you! Free estimates can be easily obtained at a moment’s notice for a wealth of garage door services, including:

Garage Door Opener Berkeley

• Installation of Garage Doors • Repair of all Brands in Garage Doors and Openers, including springs and power failure. • Garage Door Hardware from our top of line products • Rejoining Current Garage Door Opener • Weather Stripping and Trim Issues

Garage Door Broken Springs

Ever wonder about the actual mechanisms behind your garage door? While some components are visible, others are well hidden. These hidden components, the springs, are actually the major workforce behind the scene. While many believe that the motor is the main component, the motor actually just uses the energy from the springs to move the door along the track system. Ultimately leaving the springs with the task of aiding in the opening and closing of your garage door. If one spring breaks, your garage door will no longer be able to open or close.

How many types of garage door springs are there? There are two basic types of garage door springs, Torsion Springs and Extension Springs.

Torsion Springs, are springs wound up on a rod over the garage door opening. These specific springs are wound up very tightly and unfortunately for this reason, tend to have problems. As with any constantly used product, wear and tear is expected. The most common occurrences with Torsion Springs are cracks and becoming loose over time.

Word of warning – Torsion Springs are not toys! Unless you are 100% confident, that you are knowledgeable enough regarding Torsion Spring repair and can do the job, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Many homeowners have been injured trying to tighten or repair their garage door springs. Your safety is very important to us, so please just call a professional to repair or adjust your garage door springs.

Extension Springs, are the springs located on the doors track. These springs are mounted on the top or on the left and right hand side of the tracks. Just as the name indicates, these springs extend to close the garage door and spring back to their original position, to open it. If the extension spring breaks, it is not as difficult to repair as the Torsion Spring, but it is still recommended to have a trained professional complete the job.

 Important Tips On Adjusting Garage Door Springs:

• If one of your springs break, you’ll want to replace both! Wear and tear is equal on springs, so if one breaks, the other is sure to break soon. So save yourself some time and money and replace both.

• Before adjusting or unmounting your garage door springs, it is important that you release all the tension off the springs. Even the slightest bit of tension will wreak havoc on you and your garage door. In order to release the tension off your Extension Spring, open your garage door completely until you hear a click. The click sound indicated the door is completely open and the tension has been released.

• When adjusting the Torsion Spring, the garage door has to be fully stretched, also known as closed.

• Once again, it is not recommended to repair or adjust your own garage door springs. Please call a trained professional to prevent any harm to you or your garage door.

• The most common garage door problems/complaints are, clinking or creaking sounds. These are easily repaired with a simple adjustment by a garage door specialist.

• Your garage door springs go through more wear and tear than any other part of your garage door. So once again, it is vital that your garage door springs once a month. Prevention is key!

Garage Door Installations

Garage door installations isn’t as difficult as it seems. There are many parts and you’ll need to carefully follow the directions for your garage door installations. The larger the garage door, the more difficult the task. You can purchase special DIY (Do-it-yourself) kits available that can achieve expert results.

Some garage doors will be more of a challenge to work with. They can even be dangerous to work with as well. If you don’t feel confident perhaps it’s best to call on All Access Garage Doors to get the job done. If you choose a light-weight garage door to install with a DIY easy spring mechanism, you’ll probably be able to install your garage door in one day.

The parts and pieces of a garage door can be a bit overwhelming. You’ll notice large pieces of metal track, rollers, hinges, cables and springs, door panels, struts, and tons of screws and bolts. The very sight of all these parts can scare any seasoned handy man! Keep in mind that your garage door is the single largest item in your home. If you’re installing the garage door yourself, expect to feel anxious. After all, this is a huge project you’re undertaking.
If you’ve chose to install a larger garage door, manufacturers have made it easier by providing DIY friendly garage door installations kits. Be sure to read over the instructions carefully as there are many parts that will need assembling. Before you begin the big job, it may be a smart idea to read over the instructions in the manual at least twice so you’re comfortable before starting. Familiarize yourself with the terminology, hardware, and all the parts before removing your existing door.

Removing your existing garage door can be a dangerous job. It is highly recommended that you call All Access Garage Doors to help you with this job. You can be seriously injured by the torsion springs, so it would be in your best interest to leave this to the professionals. If your garage door isn’t completely closed the tension of these springs alone is like a loaded weapon! DO NOT attempt taking apart the spring yourself or cutting any cables! Give us a call at (510) 500-5939

Now that the existing garage door has been removed, you’ll need to inspect the wood framing that surrounds the garage door opening. Look for any signs of wood rot. If you see any wood rot, you’ll want to replace the wood. Your garage door track needs to be bolted to solid wood. If you have any questions you can always call All Access Garage Doors at (510) 500-5939.

The door must be level so it can run smoothly! The bottom of the doors tracks must also be level as well as parallel. The key word here is LEVEL!  If you are installing a wooden door, you’ll need to scribe the door and sand the bottom of the door so it fits with the shape of the garage floor. It is very critical that this first section is installed properly. All of the other sections of the door are stacked on top of this section.

Another important factor: Use only approved hardware supplied by the garage door manufacturer. If you have any questions you can speak with any of our trained experts at (510) 500-5939. The bottom brackets must be securely attached to the door, so pay close attention to the bottom of the brackets while fastening them. Be careful not to strip the bolts as you’re tightening them. These brackets are attached to the cables that lift the door. If not installed correctly they can shoot out of the door like missiles. FACT:  It is much easier to install single-wide doors. The wider the garage door the heavier the door. A garage door can weigh as much as 400 pounds. This is a serious job and should be taken just that way-seriously!

It is very important that the overhead track is perfectly aligned and supported securely. You don’t want your door slipping off its tracks and falling. A garage door is quite heavy and can cause serious injury or damage.

Garage door installation isn’t for everyone. If you don’t feel comfortable or you find yourself getting too frustrated with the job give us a call at All Access Garage Doors. Allow our trained professionals to get the job done.