A Guide to Choosing an Overhead Door

A Guide to Choosing an Overhead Door

Today’s overhead door comes in a greater variety of options, in the terms of material choices and aesthetic appearances, than it did before. In the past, the only choice was the painted, wooden door for a tilt up style. Thanks to the development of overhead doors, you can now match the door with the home’s exterior design. To help you choose a right door, here are some things to consider.

#1. Tilt up or Sectional
Tilt up overhead doors are a type that uses a frame to hold the whole door surface. These doors use lateral springs to lift the door up above the garage area and driveway. This style is usually applied to customized doors like ornate wood styles. In contrast, the sectional doors use a set of panels that are connected by fasteners. The sections roll up into the ceiling area when the door is open.

#2. Materials
Overhead doors are made of three common materials such as wood, steel and aluminum. The wood doors can be made of different species from redwood to cedar. Choosing wood as the material increases the sticker price of the doors. Steel doors are the most economical. This type is often offered with an addition of one-, two-, or three-layer construction to dent resistance and insulation value. Aluminum doors are lightweight and can be customized with panels of different types.

#3. Insulation
Insulation should be paid into account when you want a garage to function as a play area or workshop. The garage will need an insulated door like a sectional steel door with a three-layer construction. To insulate the garage and avoid sound pollution from leaving the garage, the sectional door needs to be equipped with weather seals at the bottom of the door and between the sections.

#4. Styles and Windows
A variety of overhead door styles are available including flush and raised. Sectional panels with a flush style give a simple touch to the home’s exterior look while raised panels give visual depth with large rectangular or small square decoration. Besides, the raised panels can be decorated with paint. Windows can also be added or omitted to the door depending on privacy reason. However, windows increase the value of the door.

#5. Manufacturer
In addition to the qualities of the door itself, you need to consider what manufacturer, or company, makes the door. Often, enough information about the manufacturer’s reputation helps make a right choice. A good door manufacturer has strong commitment to customers’ satisfaction that is manifested in excellent customer services and high performance products. The manufacturer is serious in ensuring the quality of their products and services so they join related-communities such as The International Door Association (IDA) and Home Builders Association (HBA) and are Better Business Bureau (BBB)-Accredited. The memberships show that they strongly hold certain Code of Ethics in running the business and have got adequate education, accreditation and certification programs.

Those are five basic things you need to consider before choosing an overhead garage door. Hopefully, you can get the most benefit of it in terms of safety, comfort and aesthetics.