Care and Maintenance of Your Garage Door Opener

Care and Maintenance of Your Garage Door Opener:

A garage door and opener, like any product with moving parts, requires proper maintenance and care to maximize the convenience and safety they provide.  At All Access Garage Door Services, we are committed to assisting our clients in knowing Garage Door Safety and the necessary maintenance to preserve your well-being and convenience. 

This guide is intended to assist you toward that end.

Garage Door System

* Do not attempt to perform any repair on your door and related components or remove any of the parts.  Doing so can cause serious injury or damage if not preformed properly.

  1. Every 6 months, lubricate hinge joints with a light silicone-based lubricant.  Be cautious not to use alcohol-based lubricants as they will dry out critical parts.  Hinge joints are where the two sides of flanges connect to one another.                                                                                                                                                             
  2. Do not lubricate rollers and track.  While many believe this is required, it is only a short-term fix to a potentially more significant problem.  Lubricating rollers and track attracts more dirt and grime.  Over time, this will contribute to part failures


  • All Access Garage Door’s roller are sealed and self-lubricating!
  1. Every 6 months check the “balance” of your garage door to insure proper spring tension.  
  1. Disconnect the emergency release of the operator trolley (usually a red string) by puling down on the string handle.
  2. Lift the door manually to the halfway point. A balanced door should stay at that halfway point without moving up or down.  if your door does not stay at this halfway point, call us as an improperly balanced door can cause damage to your opener.
  3. Reconnect the door by aligning exterior trolley with inner trolly and allowing the release to “catch.”

Electric Door Opener

  1. Chain and Screw Drive openers should have light lubrication on the chain rail and screw shaft with a silicone-based lubricant every 6 months. Be sure to only spray the chain rail or the screw itself.  Belt drive operators require lubrication only on the rail.
  2. Safety Eyes:  the safety eyes are required by Federal Regulation to cause the door to reverse should an obstruction occur int he door’s down path.  These eyes send and receive an invisible beam of light that when interrupted, prevents the operator from closing the door.
  3. Emergency release:  This is controlled by the rope (usually red) which hangs from the trolley.  If trolley moves but door does not, check to ensure the release is engaged.

*the most frequent cause of operator problems is improper alignment of safety eyes.  Check the following before calling for service:

  1. Are the eyes obstructed by any object
  2. Have the eyes been misaligned due to an object of individual “bumping” the eyes?
  3. Is direct sunlight “blinding” the eyes?
  4. Is there any dust or debris on the lens surfaces?
  5. Are any of the safety eye wires loose or disconnected?

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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Repair Company

All Access Garage Doors is a trusted and well known company that has provided years of excellence within the garage door community. Their ability to provide excellent and quality work, has given them the opportunity to continue expanding as a whole. Customer references as well as great online reviews, have reinforced their work and reputation throughout time.  

Their technicians are constantly reinforcing and improving their technics through different educational classes. This way, they can ensure themselves and their customers, that quality service, which will endure time and regular use, would be provided. Setting this, as just another example of the strong work ethics this garage door company has. 

Another major contributing factor to this garage door company’s success, is the fact that they use quality and guaranteed parts. With the simple fact that they are providing quality made garage door parts, it gives the client a peace of mind. This simply allows the customer to better enjoy their new repairs or installations, without having the worrisome feeling of having to possibly repair it again soon. 

Customer service is available any day of the week. All Access Garage Doors understand that emergencies happen outside of the regular nine to five work hours. For this reason, there is always someone available to answer your call and help you. Whether it is a broken spring or someone might have accidentally crashed into your garage door, All Access Garage Doors is welcomes all repairs and installations with open arms. So why not give them a call today and see what they can do for you. 

Home Remodeling

Thinking of remodeling your home? Why not begin with the most important essentials, such as your garage door. Many do not realize the importance a garage door has. It is the entry to your home and the most used, as well as largest, motor powered devise within your home. The simple fact that you can use this door as a decorative feature, adding thousands of dollars of value to your home, makes it an overall win! Help your home become a perfect representation of who you and your family are, by updating or remodeling your garage door today. Your family and neighbors will thank you for it!

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Your garage door can often be among the first of defining features noticed by spectators or potential buyers.  The perfect garage door will compliment the architectural style of your home and add desirable curb appeal to the property as well as keep your home secure while providing the functionality you need.  We are committed to helping you find the best combination of materials for your budget and vision to create the perfect garage door.  We offer many styles including classic, modern, and contemporary doors to match your home’s unique vibe, allowing you to truly create your own touch to the overall look of your home.  Whether you’re looking for a basic roll-up door with minimal features or an embellished carriage style door with intricate detail like gorgeous wrought-iron windows and elegant matching hardware, we will guide you every step of the way. We have many different options available for those looking to stay green too! Our eco-friendly designs will save you money by using natural materials and eco-friendly polyurethane made from recycled materials to insulate the door, keeping you comfortable and your wallet happy. Having an insulated door will increase your homes R-value and reduce the overall impact on the environment in every aspect, starting at the very production of the door and extending throughout it’s economic life. We encourage you to start the design discovery process on our primary supplier’s website today to get a feel for what you might like in your new garage door. Click Here to begin designing your dream door today!

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We have a variety of options when it comes to your garage door.  Materials such as Aluminum, Steel, and Wood will provide privacy and security against unwanted intruders at one of your home’s largest entry points. Ask about our Universal Remote system which offers advanced security to garage access by allowing you to control your garage door, right from the convenience of your smart phone, using WiFi from anywhere in the world!  We can hook you up with a wireless keypad entry to your door, allowing you to stay secure by using a key code to raise, lower, and lock your door, freeing your mind from the worry of loosing a key or remote thus giving a potential intruder access to your home. Looking for windows which will provide light for your space, but worried about weak durability of the glass?  Our anodized and acrylic window pane options will provide you with natural light, privacy, and strength against intrusive weather or pests.  Living in a Coastal climate? We’ve got you covered against high winds with high wind-load bearing steel re-enforced doors, and you don’t have to compromise looks for strength, we also offer code-compliant carriage style doors with impact resistant window features, to keep your house standing strong against the elements. Our top priority is providing you with safe and beautiful garage doors to add security, privacy, and curb appeal to your home!