Choosing the Right Garage Repair Technician or Company

Choosing the Right Garage Repair Technician or Company

When it comes to getting your garage door repaired, it is very vital that you pick out the very best company. As such, this is not the time to be rushing into contracts with just about any company. You should realize that there are many garage door repair Atherton service, and not all of them are genuine. There are things that you should consider in order to avoid being duped or getting a service that is way lower than what you paid for. To help you choose the best garage door repair company Atherton, the following are some choosing tips to guide you through the process.

Training and licensing

When you will be selecting a company or a technician to handle your repairs, you should ensure that indeed they are qualified to provide you with the service and that you are not paying for someone to provide you with mediocre service. There are training certifications that a technician should have to prove that they are indeed certified. However, since this may be somewhat difficult to get a hold of as they are considered private to some extent, you should ask to see the licensing certificate. This is the best proof that you are dealing with a company or an individual that is certified to do garage door repairs.

Quality references.

In the world of business, reputation matters a lot. Technicians as well as companies who provide one of a kind services will always have a reputation that super cedes them and that will attract more customers to them. You should therefore ask for references from your family and friends. Get to know if they were happy with the service that they were provided with. You could also ask the company itself to provide you with some of the clients that they have worked for before that you can use to verify the quality of service that the company provides.

Cost of replacing the garage doors.

Given that you are most definitely working on a budget, the cost of the repair should be known and within your comfort zone. The fact that there are many people in this line of business, means that the prices vary and that you will always be in a position to get quality service for a budget that you want. However, this budget should be reasonable.

Proximity of the company to your home

There are times that due to temperature changes and bad weather that a garage door can jam. In such situations, you should have a specialist who will respond very fast to help get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Selecting a company or technician that is very close to your home is a very wise decision as in the even you find yourself in an emergency, it will be very easy for the company to help you.

Doing a quality search before you settle on the garage door repair Atherton Company is vital prior to making a major and concrete decision as it will ensure that you make an informed decision.

Spotting a Good Garage door Repair Company in Belmont, CA

Spotting a Good Garage door Repair Company in Belmont, CA

When you are out looking for the very best and reliable garage door repair Belmont company, then you should know of the business ethics that the company that you are about to choose practices. There are always professionals who are ready and willing to help you get the best service possible as they understand the needs that their customers have. however, truth be told that the task of choosing a reliable and a professional garage door repair Belmont technician might just be challenging. There are many companies that offer the service. However, not all of them are trust worthy and have the experience to meet your needs to the fullest. As such, the following are some of the tips to help you choose the best company to take care of your garage door repairs.

Know the address of the company

With the advent of the internet, many companies advertise themselves online. While this makes it easier to know of the companies, it also makes it a little bit harder to pick out the phony companies. One way however that you can determine that a company is not genuine is if it does not have a physical address and only provide phone numbers. There is no garage door repair company that can fail to have a physical address as it has to have a place to house the equipment that it will use for the repair. If it does not have a physical address listed, you should steer clear of it and avoid it like a plague.

Are the technicians demanding fast decisions from you?

There are those technicians or companies that you may have come across or will come across that will be demanding you to make rush decisions and will be trying to trick you into getting into a contract with them by exaggerating the actual situation. They might tell you that you property is at great risk and that you need to take immediate action. If you get such companies, you should avoid them and look for a company that is concerned with providing you with quality service and meet every need that you might have.

Customer service

Many quality and genuine garage door repair companies always have a very good customer service who are available to attend to the clients regularly. If they have multiple businesses, they might answer your call with a response like, ‘garage door repair service’. However, if you do not get your call answered after several tries, you should avoid that company as lack of proper customer service spells doom for you if you get in bed with them.

Payment terms

Before you start any project, it is very vital that you enquire on the terms of payments. You should know if they require payment before the project or after or they only need a certain amount of money to act as the deposit. You should avoid a company that asks for the full amount upfront before the project is complete.

With the above few tips, you should be able to spot a good garage door repair company from a distance with ease and get the best service for your money.


Some Garage Door Repairs That You Should Never Attempt To Do Yourself.

Some Garage Door Repairs That You Should Never Attempt To Do Yourself. 

While there are a lot of DIYs out there that guide you on how to do practically everything that relates to your garage door, there is one thing that they will never tell you about. If they did then they would not be able to sell their manuals and that is the amount of risk that is involved with certain repairs. While there are some garage door repairs American Canyon that you can simply do yourself without any pending risk to you or your well being, there are some that are a potential danger so much so that they can cause death. Here some of the repairs that you’re better off calling the garage door repair American Canyon service to attend to.

Panel replacement.

One of the seemingly simple tasks that most people tend to take care of themselves is the replacing one or more panels. However, what most don’t realize is that this is not only hazardous, but there are a variety of underlying issues that could be causing the panels to come off. Only a professional garage door repair American canyon personnel will be able to spot the problematic areas and iron them out.

Spring replacement.

This is perhaps one of the most risky undertakings that you can attempt with regards to garage door repairs. The tension that is packed in the springs can cause serious damage and this requires a person with the necessary training and tools to make the repair safe and successful. If you were to try this and the spring slipped and went off with you in the vicinity, there is no telling the amount of damage that it can cause.

Replacement of rollers.

There are a variety of reasons that you should not attempt to repair or replace the rollers in your garage door yourself. While most people might see this as an easy task, there are some very serious risks that come with attempting to replace your rollers yourself. Considering that the rollers bear a lot of the weight of the door, your finger getting caught in the middle of repairs could be catastrophic. That is why it is important to make sure that you call in a garage door repair American Canyon service. Not only will they have the proper training, they will also have the proper tools to get to the rollers and fasten the door safely. The last thing you want is the door collapsing on you.

Broken cables.

These are another part of the garage door that are under very high tension and can pose a serious danger to you or anyone that you could be working with to repair them. That is why it is highly discouraged for any one person to attempt repairing the garage door cables unless they are properly trained on how to handle the cables and ensure their safety. Remember that these hold the door so the amount of damage that you can cause by not being able to handle this properly is unimaginable.

As much as you might want to save some money, your life and wellbeing are more important. Furthermore, as long as you’re alive, you can still go out and make the money you spent on having the door repaired. Additionally, a professional always does a better and neater job.

Garage Door Repair Berkeley, CA

Twenty Four Hour Emergency Garage Repair Service In Berkeley, California

Over the years, the need for security has become one of increasing concern among homeowners and business operators, especially in certain troubled communities with high incidence of break-ins and larceny, among other similar offences. However, in the event that measures put in place to ward off or reduce such occurrences fail, it is important to know what the options are and have a viable back-up plan. We are a top of the line garage door repair company in Berkeley, California and will spend the next few minutes enlightening you about our functions and accessibility.

The Garage Door Is As Important As Any Other

Like the state of the art security system, or the door to the entrance of one’s home or business, the garage door is a key part of the overall safety and security of one’s property, be it residential or commercial. With this in mind, no one wants to realize at 1:00 am that there is a breach in the security of their residential or commercial property because a garage door is not working. Neither does anyone want to hear that there is nowhere to get help until businesses open at daybreak, because there is no twenty-four hour service available.

Therefore, having diagnosed the problem, the next feat is now to ascertain where there is help and at what cost to the customer. Additionally, you will want to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company with the relevant licensing, bond, experience and expertise. Should the garage door be under warranty, the prospective customer also needs to take this factor into consideration, to ensure that calling in a garage door repairer will not adversely affect the terms of their warranty.

Who Are We?

We are a local same day garage door repair company operating within the Berkeley, California region. We offer a free quote and specialize in garage door repair, replacement and installation. We also specialize in garage door opener replacement, repair and installation, replacement parts, accessories and emergency repair.  Whether the customer is a home or business owner, whether the property is secured or unsecured, whether the garage door is under warranty or not, we are licensed to undertake all jobs, once the purchase was within the United States.

Twenty Four Hour Service

Because we know that your security is of paramount importance, we go beyond the call of duty and have a twenty-four hour response team, only too ready and willing to provide a fast, effective and efficient service, regardless of the time of day. So once you are within the Berkeley region, we will respond and repair your garage door in no time.

Warranty Included

Our garage door installation and repairs are also backed with warranty ranging from sixty days to a year, with the duration being dependent on the nature of the job. Once we are contacted, additional details will be provided in this regard. We serve the entire Berkley division, and are available for twenty-four hour service, seven days a week. Make the call and secure your free quote today. After all, the security of our customers, their family and employees will give us all peace of mind and ultimately make Berkeley a safer place.

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Care and Maintenance of Your Garage Door Opener

Care and Maintenance of Your Garage Door Opener:

A garage door and opener, like any product with moving parts, requires proper maintenance and care to maximize the convenience and safety they provide.  At All Access Garage Door Services, we are committed to assisting our clients in knowing Garage Door Safety and the necessary maintenance to preserve your well-being and convenience. 

This guide is intended to assist you toward that end.

Garage Door System

* Do not attempt to perform any repair on your door and related components or remove any of the parts.  Doing so can cause serious injury or damage if not preformed properly.

  1. Every 6 months, lubricate hinge joints with a light silicone-based lubricant.  Be cautious not to use alcohol-based lubricants as they will dry out critical parts.  Hinge joints are where the two sides of flanges connect to one another.                                                                                                                                                             
  2. Do not lubricate rollers and track.  While many believe this is required, it is only a short-term fix to a potentially more significant problem.  Lubricating rollers and track attracts more dirt and grime.  Over time, this will contribute to part failures


  • All Access Garage Door’s roller are sealed and self-lubricating!
  1. Every 6 months check the “balance” of your garage door to insure proper spring tension.  
  1. Disconnect the emergency release of the operator trolley (usually a red string) by puling down on the string handle.
  2. Lift the door manually to the halfway point. A balanced door should stay at that halfway point without moving up or down.  if your door does not stay at this halfway point, call us as an improperly balanced door can cause damage to your opener.
  3. Reconnect the door by aligning exterior trolley with inner trolly and allowing the release to “catch.”

Electric Door Opener

  1. Chain and Screw Drive openers should have light lubrication on the chain rail and screw shaft with a silicone-based lubricant every 6 months. Be sure to only spray the chain rail or the screw itself.  Belt drive operators require lubrication only on the rail.
  2. Safety Eyes:  the safety eyes are required by Federal Regulation to cause the door to reverse should an obstruction occur int he door’s down path.  These eyes send and receive an invisible beam of light that when interrupted, prevents the operator from closing the door.
  3. Emergency release:  This is controlled by the rope (usually red) which hangs from the trolley.  If trolley moves but door does not, check to ensure the release is engaged.

*the most frequent cause of operator problems is improper alignment of safety eyes.  Check the following before calling for service:

  1. Are the eyes obstructed by any object
  2. Have the eyes been misaligned due to an object of individual “bumping” the eyes?
  3. Is direct sunlight “blinding” the eyes?
  4. Is there any dust or debris on the lens surfaces?
  5. Are any of the safety eye wires loose or disconnected?

Please call us at   1.866.505.5625  if you have any questions

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