Garage Door Openers

Now that you’ve chose the perfect garage door for your home, the next step is choosing a garage door opener. The days of manually opening your garage door rare over! It is no longer a luxury to own an automatic garage door opener. It is more of a necessity to own one to make sure your garage and its contents are secure.

Now you’ll have to decide which garage door opener you want. With literally hundreds of models to choose from this may not be an easy task. Before making that decision you’ll need to begin with identifying which type of garage door you have. Nearly all garage door models have door openers available to make your life a bit simpler.

When choosing your garage door opener, you’ll want to consider the type of motor it has. Most garage door openers come with an overhead motor of ½ HP. Although there are some openers with a motors of up to ¾ HP. The power isn’t really important because that’s not what hoists the door. What hoists the door is the power of the torsion springs that are connected to the motor. So you really don’t need a powerful motor.

Now it’s time to install your garage door opener. Installing the opener depends on the height of your garage door. The maximum height for most doors is around 8’ 7 “. For the most part the parts and springs can be easily found. If your garage door happens to have a higher roof or a higher door then you’ll need to purchase extensions. Give us a call at All Access Garage Doors so we can help with those extensions.

If you want a garage door opener with more advanced options such as automatic lighting and additional safety breaks, you may want to call us to help you with the installation. While the fancier models have more options, you may run into complications and it may save you many headaches just by giving us a call!

Garage Door Openers Manufactured Prior to 1993.

At All Access Garage Doors our first commitment is product safety. Our garage door openers have a safety record that is consistent with some of the top ranking garage door openers in the industry. In 1993 the (CPSC) Consumer Products Safety Commission required new laws to ensure that all garage door openers manufactured after 1992 came equipped with external entrapment protection devices in addition to an internal contact reverse mechanism. Prior to 1993, many garage door openers were safe and reliable if they were tested before installation and were properly maintained. Most of these openers do not come equipped with infrared sensors or other external entrapment protection devices. Because they do not meet the requirements for garage door safety, they can be quite dangerous. We want to insure your safety at all times and we suggest that any garage door openers manufactured before 1993 be replaced as opposed to being repaired. If you have an older model garage door opener, call us today and we’ll replace it with a newer model. Here at All Access Garage Doors your safety is important to us. Give us a call today!

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