Garage Door Repair Berkeley, CA

Twenty Four Hour Emergency Garage Repair Service In Berkeley, California

Over the years, the need for security has become one of increasing concern among homeowners and business operators, especially in certain troubled communities with high incidence of break-ins and larceny, among other similar offences. However, in the event that measures put in place to ward off or reduce such occurrences fail, it is important to know what the options are and have a viable back-up plan. We are a top of the line garage door repair company in Berkeley, California and will spend the next few minutes enlightening you about our functions and accessibility.

The Garage Door Is As Important As Any Other

Like the state of the art security system, or the door to the entrance of one’s home or business, the garage door is a key part of the overall safety and security of one’s property, be it residential or commercial. With this in mind, no one wants to realize at 1:00 am that there is a breach in the security of their residential or commercial property because a garage door is not working. Neither does anyone want to hear that there is nowhere to get help until businesses open at daybreak, because there is no twenty-four hour service available.

Therefore, having diagnosed the problem, the next feat is now to ascertain where there is help and at what cost to the customer. Additionally, you will want to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company with the relevant licensing, bond, experience and expertise. Should the garage door be under warranty, the prospective customer also needs to take this factor into consideration, to ensure that calling in a garage door repairer will not adversely affect the terms of their warranty.

Who Are We?

We are a local same day garage door repair company operating within the Berkeley, California region. We offer a free quote and specialize in garage door repair, replacement and installation. We also specialize in garage door opener replacement, repair and installation, replacement parts, accessories and emergency repair.  Whether the customer is a home or business owner, whether the property is secured or unsecured, whether the garage door is under warranty or not, we are licensed to undertake all jobs, once the purchase was within the United States.

Twenty Four Hour Service

Because we know that your security is of paramount importance, we go beyond the call of duty and have a twenty-four hour response team, only too ready and willing to provide a fast, effective and efficient service, regardless of the time of day. So once you are within the Berkeley region, we will respond and repair your garage door in no time.

Warranty Included

Our garage door installation and repairs are also backed with warranty ranging from sixty days to a year, with the duration being dependent on the nature of the job. Once we are contacted, additional details will be provided in this regard. We serve the entire Berkley division, and are available for twenty-four hour service, seven days a week. Make the call and secure your free quote today. After all, the security of our customers, their family and employees will give us all peace of mind and ultimately make Berkeley a safer place.

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