How Much Will a Garage Door Repair Cost?

How Much Will a Garage Door Repair Cost?

A garage in a home is a very important place where you can store varying tools such as lawn mowers and most definitely your precious car. However, you should realize that the garage that you have is only as good as the door that it has. If your garage door does not open, lock or close properly, then the items that are in the garage will be unusable, trapped, and vulnerable as well as exposed. And what is even worse, if your garage door is attached to your home and the door is faulty and you are in the cold season, your bills will sky rocket as you will be using a lot more energy to try and keep warm. Lastly, a garage or that has malfunctioned is a safety hazard for those who are operating it or walking close to it.

For all these reasons and more, it is vital that you get your garage door check out if it is not working properly by a reputable garage door repair Antioch Company. While it will cost you about $100 and $400, it is not recommended that you attempt to solve the problem yourself as you may end up only escalating the problem.

Identify the problem

The most possible issues that could cause your garage door to malfunction are such as a broken motor, spring or cable. Aside from the physical door, there might be other electrically related problems that may be preventing the doors motor from getting the electricity to help it turn. In such a case, calling an electrician is necessary.

However, before you call in a professional, there are some basic trouble shooting that you should do that just might save you a lot of money. You should check and confirm if the batteries in the remote control, are working and that there is no object that is stuck on the garage door tracks that may be stopping it from moving. However, be careful not to stick your head or fingers in a place that is dangerous.


In many garages, the doors are connected to very powerful and times considerably large springs that bear all the weight of the door and lower or lift the door. The spring mechanism consists of either extension or torsion springs. The extension springs normally contract and extend to lower or raise the door while the torsion springs unwind or wind to lower or raise tee door. They only last for a maximum of 10 years and as such, you will eventually have to replace them depending on how often the door is used. Repairing a spring can cost you about $100 or even $300. This is dependent on the labor as well as the spring to be bought.


Many electric garage doors are powered by motors and can pull a chain that is attached to the door. They are normally attached to the ceiling so that the chain and other hardware are at the very center.

There are some parts in the motor that usually regulate just how far a door can open or close. If these parts are knocked out of the position or it breaks, the door cannot open or close completely. Many of these motor repairs will cost you about $150 or $400. The amount of money you spend will obviously depend on the extent of the damages sustained.