4 Simple Garage Door repairs That You Can Do Yourself.

4 Simple Garage Door repairs That You Can Do Yourself. 

There is no doubt of the important role that our garage doors play. However, the constant opening and closing does take a toll on the mechanism and this is evidenced by the constant breakdowns that the door might experience every now and then. While you might be tempted to pick up the phone and call a garage door repair Alameda specialist, check to see if the problem could be one of these 4 that you could easily fix yourself without any risk of harm to yourself and you could end up saving yourself some money. 

Noisy functioning. 

Well, the door should be noisy but when the creeks and squeals start happening then something is very wrong. In most cases, these can be caused by dried up rollers screaming to get some much needed lubrication. This is one of those fixes that you can do yourself and all it will take you is a brush some solution to remove the dried grease and a lubricant. You should start by removing the old grease since it is dried up and chances are that it is coupled with dirt and causing the noise. Once that is done you can apply a fresh coat of grease. It sounds simple right? Well because it is. 

Bent Tracks. 

This is another quite problematic area that can be dealt with if you own a hammer and perhaps some blocks of wood since the chances of you owning a rubber mallet are very minimal. Bent tracks can cause the door to either derail or even get stuck. However, If you’re handy with a hammer, then you can set the tracks straight yourself. First, you need to get the garage door out of your way. You will need to fasten it so that it does not come down on you and also get someone to help you keep it in place. If you can’t do this, you may want to call in a garage door repair Alameda specialist. Once you have gotten over that, then you can take your hammer and block of wood and use the wood as the lining to make sure the track once hammered does not protrude on the opposite side. 

Sticking tracks. 

Your tracks might be properly aligned but they are still giving you problems and the garage door keeps getting stuck. While this can be very annoying, there is no need for alarm and this can be done very easily without calling a garage door repair Alameda service. Roll up the door and use a blunt object to scrap the interior of the track. This will help to remove any chunks of grease that could be cause the problem. You can then proceed to clean the tracks before you reapply the lubricant. 

Realigning the sensors. 

Well, this is one that should not be a problem whatsoever. The sensor may have been knocked out of place or they might be malfunctioning because of obstruction. The first thing you should do is clear their path and remove any cobwebs and spider webs that may have grown around them and then make sure they are in the right position. 

These are four simple garage door repairs Alameda that you can do yourself that are risk free and your chances of success are almost guaranteed. However, if you know nothing about garage doors, you may want to call the specialist either way.